6 Ways To Learn How To Unlock Bathroom Or Bedroom Door Twist Lock Effectively

You're in a deep sleep and a sudden scream wakes you up. What's that? Your 5 years old son has locked himself in the bathroom. You're giving him instruction but he's very frightened at that moment.

These kinds of accidents don’t happen rarely. The same may happen to you also. Hope this doesn't occur to you, you may also get stuck behind the wrong side of a locked door.

So what should you do now? Should you call the blacksmith? Don’t get panicked, please. If you know how to unlock bathroom door twist lock as most of these locks are made in a simple mechanical system, you can unlock them by using simple household objects. These guides will help you to do so.

What is a door twist lock?

Most of the bathrooms contain door twist lock as it's well known for privacy. Let's know what this door twist lock is. These locks mostly use a twisting system or push-button mechanism to operate the lock service.

This lock has two knobs on both sides of the door. But the cylinder can be used on both the front and backside as per the demand of the user.

How to Unlock Bathroom or Bedroom Door Twist Lock From Inside or Outside

The requirement to unlock bathroom door twist lock

As we've mentioned that you can unlock the door twist lock with family objects, let's see what can be those.

  • Paperclip
  • Bobby pins
  • Screwdriver
  • Credit card
  • Coat hanger
  • Hammer or your feet

These simple and common items can rescue you from a twisted locked door if you can use them as we say.

Steps by steps process how to open a locked bathroom Or Bedroom door

Step 01: Simple paper clips

Paper clips are well known to unlock a locked door for earlier. It's very effective if you know how to use it. For that, you’ve to take one that’s sturdy enough so that it doesn’t bend.

How to unlock door with paper clips

Now, look carefully at the center of the knob. Youll find a small hole there. Found it? the main part comes now. Put the paper in the hole and take it deeper until it doesn’t reach the reset button.

Push that button with your strong pin and guess what. The is unlocked. Isn’t it easy? Repeating, you must get a powerful paper pin.

Step 02: Bobby pins can help you out.

Have you seen how they pull out the door lock in the movies using bobby pins? Though that’s tough, it works. For that, you'll need a bobby pin and get it to the desired shape for the task.

Simply insert the flat part of the pin in the middle of the keyhole. Now, place the rounded part of the pin in the same area and twist the knob several times. Your job should’ve done.

Step 03: Time to use the cards for the best uses.

Opening a lock with credit! This may seem weird to you. But actually, this is one of the best ways to unlock a door. There's a chance of damaging your card. So my advice is to use a card that can be rescued later.

First of all, slide your card into the gap between the door and the door jamb. To get the work done you may have to do some wiggling. Now swipe the card and at press against the latch and the door will be unlocked.

Step 04: A screwdriver may free you.

Removing the hole knob can be another good option to unlock the twist-lock doorknob. Most of the twist locked door contains a series of screws that don’t let knob turn.

Take a Philip head screwdriver. Take out all the screws so that you can slide the face plate. Now simply slide it and get you access.


Step 05: The coat hanger is not only for hanging coats.

You'll see most of the lock containing latch bolt which is an angled edge. If this is the same mechanism as your door then you might be lucky. Though that can damage your door, it's effective in exterior doors too.

At first, unbend the hanger to a long line and bend a part to create a hook. Now set the hook between the door and jamb. Pulling the edge bolt is your main target. Turn the knob slow but strongly and at the same time pull them towards you.

Give this a few tries and see the magic.

Step 06: Hammer or your strong feet can save you.

if you can't find any option mentioned above then you must gain some courage in you. Find any heavy metal like a hammer or something like that and smash right at the top of the knob.


This might break the lock. Now, if you don’t any hammer then go for the feet method. Use your dominating feet and do some powerful kicks right above the knob. This can directly open the door. Don’t ever use your shoulders. It can be dislocated.

Let's Watch the Unlock Bathroom Door Tricks Video

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Frequently Asked Question(FAQ)

  •  How do you unlock a twist lock doorknob?

There are some ways to unlock a twist lock doorknob. Like paperclips method, bobby pin, coat hanger, credit card, etc. these methods can be used for twisted lock. Among the credit card and coat hanger is my best choice as they are much effective than others.

  • How do you unlock a push and twist door lock without the hole?

If there isn’t any hole in the lock then the paperclip and bobby pin method won't work. In this regard, I recommend using the credit card method. It's much easier and useful as well. The coat hanger method is also effective in this field.

  • How do you unlock a locked bathroom door without a key?

Unlocking a locked bathroom isn’t always easy without a key. Firstly, you should check the kind of lock it is. Most of the bathroom has the twisted and push lock. So you can give a try to paperclips, bobby pin, credit card, etc method.

They might do the job.

  • How do I unlock my privacy lock?

another name for privacy lock is twist lock. They are quite simple to unlock because of their mechanism. My opinion is to go for the bobby pin system first. It's because most privacy lock isn’t made in such a complex way.

So try the easy one first. Then go for the others if the bobby pin fails.

  • How to open a locked bathroom door with a keyhole?

if you find a keyhole in the knob then the bobby pin and paper clip system might work. Most of the lock that has a keyhole is not that much exterior. These simple methods might be enough to unlock if you can do it properly as we said.

This needs a bit of practice as well.

Final words

All the methods in the list are seen as effective in various situations. But among them, the credit card method is more successful than others. It's easy and effective at the same time.

The second position goes to the coat hanger system. This one is efficient as well. And thirdly the bobby pin method. This has a lot of success stories. Don’t go for breaking the knob with a hammer or your feet unless it's necessary.

Yes, because this might injure you and also need a lot of force to get the work done.

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