How To Replace A Mobile Home Bathroom Exhaust Fan: Step By Step

Do you know why your bathroom contains an exhaust fan? An exhaust fan removes the odor and moisture from your bathroom. And it provides you full fresh air.

Now, if any time there happens an emergence to replace your mobile home bathroom exhaust fan then how will you go forward. Knowing how to replace a mobile home bathroom exhaust fan is a must for you.

 You may think that while replacing the fan there can be a lot of difference between a mobile home and a standard home. But to be honest, they’re quite the same. So don’t get too much tensed. You can do it yourself as well.

Step by Step Guideline For How to Replace a Mobile Home Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Replacing the bathroom exhaust fan is easy but without a proper guide, this easy task can be hard as a stone. That’s why we’ve provided a full step by step guideline to make your effort successful.

Step 1- Take the Preparation

To start your task, the first thing you need is preparation. Make yourself ready with the tools. To do the work, you may need

  • A screwdriver
  • A ladder
  • An electrical tape
  • A mask for safety

When you’ve completed your preparation by gathering the tools, the first step has been done.

Step 2- Switch off the Electricity

Before starting any kind of electrical activities you must turn off electric power. So, do it in this regard too. You'll find the breaker box somewhere near to the bathroom door.

Now just simply turn the switch to the off position. It will be much better if you put some tape on the switch so that it doesn’t turn on accidentally.

Step 3- Take the Motor out

Now, take a look at the inside. You will find a motor there. Now take your screwdriver and unscrew all required nuts and take out the motor along with the blade unit.

Step 4- Do the Finishing

Now take out the fan unit from there. You’ve to unplug it as it is connected with a plastic socket. Now unscrew the fan body and pull it out of the ceiling.

You’ve successfully done the removing part. Wasn’t that easy? Now time to install a new fan. So let it be done.

Step 1- Size the Ceiling Hole

To install a new fan your first duty is to make the ceiling hole adjustable according to your new fan. Put the new housing on the ceiling hole and make an outline of the housing simply with a marker.

Always prefer to buy a bit larger than before or similar to the old one.

Ceiling Hole

Step 2- Set the Housing with the Joist

Firstly, start by sliding the mounting brackets and take them up to the joists. You might need a helper to do the task swiftly. Now you’ve to level the housing and then screw through the mounting hole.

Step 3- Connect the Vent Pipe with a Housing

The vent will remain the same for always. You won't have to change it every time. Attach the pipe with the duct connector of the housing. To build a strong connection wrap the joint with electric tape firmly.

Step 4- Make the connection between Housing and Wires

Take out 3 wires from your junction box. Attach them with your attic wires through the housing box. Make them joined with the plastic connectors that you are given with the package kit.

Step 5- Do the Finishing

After doing all these, you are only two steps away to get the fresh air from your fan. Firstly covering up the fan and finally so some testing to check if the wires were connected accurately.

That’s the full process. Hope you will find it helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long can a bathroom exhaust fan continuously run?

It may run continuously for the whole night. But that’s not good at all. You should run the while you're in the bathroom and 20 minutes more after that.

How do you replace the exhaust fan motor?

Just unscrew the motor and take it out. Then replace the new one and screw it. Easy as a pie, right?

Does the bathroom exhaust fan need GFCI?

It will be much better if you use GFCI. This will feel you a bit safer. But there won't be any problem if you don’t do so.

Can bathroom exhaust fans be installed vertically?

Sure, it can be. Even installing it vertically is better than horizontal. Besides, it looks good too in that position.

Can bathroom exhaust fans get clogged?

Yes, it can happen. There might some problem in the duct connection and it gets clogged. Besides, over dusting can be another cause of this.

Can you reverse the exhaust fan?

Yes, you can. There should be a switch for reverse spinning in your fan. If it doesn’t, you can do it manually too.

Can you paint a bathroom exhaust fan cover?

There's no problem doing that. You can paint your fan cover with color insulation.

Are bathroom exhaust fans required by code?

Most of the new model construction now leave code for bathroom exhaust fans.

Do any states require bathroom exhaust fans?

Well, can't tell you that firmly. But the area which is a bit more moisture does require a bathroom exhaust fan.

Do electricians install bathroom exhaust fans?

Yes, they do. They do it better than us as they are professional. Besides, you may need a plumber as well.

Are bathroom exhaust fans interchangeable?

Yes, they are interchangeable. You can do it in the way you need it.

How long does the bathroom exhaust fan last?

The bathroom exhaust fan really lasts long. It may endure for 10 years or more.

How often should a bathroom exhaust fan be cleaned?

You have to clean it every six months.

How can you tell if a bathroom exhaust fan is working properly?

A suction test is enough to tell that. If the motor sucks a paper then you can consider the fan working well.

Does the bathroom exhaust fan need a dedicated circuit?

If your fan has a heater then might need a dedicated circuit of its own.

Do bathroom exhaust fans use a lot of electricity?

Not that much. But some standard fans use a bit more like 60 watts.

Can a bathroom exhaust fan BE TOO big OR TOO powerful?

It is preferable to be medium in size. Don’t go for a large or a tiny one.

Can a bathroom exhaust fan cause a fire?

Yes, it can cause a fire if it is overheated due to clogging.

How long can the bathroom exhaust fan duct be?

The idea length of an exhaust fan duct is about 25 fit.

Should the bathroom exhaust fan duct be insulated?

Why not? It is necessary for an exhaust fan. It removes the condensed air.

Why does a bathroom exhaust fan drip?

It generally happens because of the condensation inside the duct.

Does a bathroom exhaust fan have to be vented to the outside?

If there is moisture in an exceeding limit then the fan has to be vented to outside.

Does a bathroom exhaust fan remove heat?

Yes, it pulls the hot air and removes heat. You’ll get to know in the summer.

Can you lubricate the bathroom exhaust fan?

Yes, and you should. It removes the dirt and makes the fan well running.

Can a bathroom exhaust fan be covered with insulation?

A bathroom exhaust fan should be covered with attic insulation that is what the expert says.

How much does a bathroom exhaust fan cost to install?

It depends on the quality of the fan. But it may cost around 300$ if you want to buy a standard one.

Do bathroom exhaust fans have dampers?

Yes, they have. Moreover, it is very necessary also for a bathroom exhaust fan.

What makes a bathroom exhaust fan quiet?

Blocking in the connection and over dust make a bathroom exhaust fan quiet

Final Words

It doesn’t end just by replacing the exhaust bathroom fan. There are some more things to do. You must take a good care of your bathroom fan.

If you do so, your fan will react the same with you by keeping air fresh and fair. Clean your fan after every six months so that it doesn’t get clogged.

Last but not the least, go for a good HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) company who renders good service to the customers. If it need to compromise with your budget, then still do it as you won’t buy a exhaust fan very often.

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